Find cheap flights to India and enjoy a great experience for the opaque nation

India is a charming nation that has been a mystery to the rest of the world for some time now. The spectacular spiritual deception symbolizing the country has spoiled many to its shores and even a few transformation!

Top destinations in India

The tourist attractions in this country are disturbingly huge – from natural splendor to architectural marvel and from delicious cuisine to a wide range of shopping options. Holidays in India will surely take you on a trip where there is no scarcity of charming tourist sites.


Agra carries the Greater Pearl of India, the Taj Mahal – a stunning marble structure that needs no introduction in any corner of the world. Many tourists book cheap flights to India just to look at this glowing piece of Islamic architecture.


Delhi is one of the oldest cities around the world and is expected to feature some of the most spectacular architectural gems that reflect the great ancient times the city has witnessed. Tourist attractions such as Red Fort, Jama Masid, India Gate and Humayun's Tomb are enticing leisure travelers to get air tickets to India.


Kerala Holiday is a lifetime experience that offers a range of opportunities for holiday makers who are looking for an adventurous haven with serene natural beauty. Boasting stunning landscapes, incredible urban areas, glorious wildlife and sun-drenched beaches, Kerala has almost everything that makes a travel destination popular among holiday makers. No wonder this award-winning holiday destination is a top priority among many who buy London tickets to India.

Festivals in India

Festivals are an integral part of Indian society, religion and culture. A number of festivals and social events are celebrated by the people of this warm country throughout the year. These festivals enable foreign tourists to learn about India's diverse culture and heritage. Take a look at the major festivals that are increasing the demand for airlines offering flights to India.

Republic Day

Republic Day in India is celebrated with tremendous pride. Today, New Delhi hosts a spectacular show that gives a glimpse of India's military as well as cultural prowess.


Deepawali is the biggest bang taking place in India. The Festival of Lights is of great legendary significance in Hinduism and is celebrated with utmost power. In different regions of the country there are different versions of Deepawali, but each has one common feature – celebrating humanity!

The peak tourist season in India

India floods foreign tourists almost every time. However, the country's winter season is considered the peak season with regard to the influx of tourists. The period between October and March is ideal for visiting the nation and doing some outdoor sights. Summer in India is extremely hot and should be avoided by tourists lest they want to get some wonderful off-season promotions.

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