How not to miss out on free airline tickets

Sometimes flights are not discounted. And why should it be because it's not really hard to get free airline tickets from major airlines like JetBlue, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Air Canada, SouthWest Airlines or American Airlines. Every day, hundreds of people travel for free and you can be one of them. Read this article from top to bottom and you will see what it's about.

Almost all airlines have a program that can earn frequent distances at extra distances and can then be used later for free travel. However, since not everyone is busy or busy, it may take years to earn enough miles on your card even on a free short trip.

The other most convenient option is suitable for almost anyone and revolves around hundreds of companies offering free gifts and prizes to people involved in marketing campaigns or market research. This is the easiest way to get the free plane tickets I have ever encountered. Basically, what you need to do is test products or tools (from shampoos to iPhones) or participate in short and fun market research campaigns (everything is done from your computer at home).

These companies do not pay cash but offer gifts as rewards to participants. For example, if they do market research on JetBlue, the company will pay them cash and also offer tickets at really low prices that marketing companies buy and later give them to study participants for free.

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